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Hey 👋
Bhanu from here. This week, I have shipped one more major feature request. Let’s take a look at that.
At the end of the newsletter, I also talk about how one of the users is using to create a digital Neurology pocketbook (authored by 60+ authors).

Yep, that major feature request that I was talking about earlier is commenting system. Now, it is possible to add comments to the blog posts.
These comments will be powered by Cusdis, an open-source, lightweight, privacy-first alternative to Disqus.
Comments (Powered by Cusdis)
Comments (Powered by Cusdis)
A few things to know about this integration:
You get to decide and approve/reject all of the comments that are posted to your blog. You have complete control.
Approve / Reject comments from your Cusdis Dashboard
Approve / Reject comments from your Cusdis Dashboard
You can approve and reply directly (as a MOD) from your email without having to log in to the dashboard.
New Comment Notification via email.
New Comment Notification via email.
You can also configure your telegram and get the new comments notifications there. Similar to email, you can approve and reply directly from Telegram itself.
New Comment Notification via Telegram
New Comment Notification via Telegram
The way to add this integration is just to create an account on, create a new project there, and copy the app id. Then paste that app id inside the Cusdis ID property of General Settings.
Full Logo
Until Now, you only had the possibility to upload a squared icon. So, your logo part looks something like “[Your_Square_Logo] Site Name”.
But with this update, you can now upload your complete logo. If you upload a full logo, then the Site Name will not be shown in the logo. If you only upload the square logo, the logo along with the name will be shown.
To add this, add a property called Full Logo in General Settings and upload your logo there.
Outlined Button
Until now, we have two types of buttons in the top navigation bar (header) – Normal, and Solid
We now have a new button type called Outlined. As the name suggests, this button will just have an outline or border around it.
Blog of the week
This week, I want you all to check out It’s built with, but it’s not exactly a blog. It’s a digital ebook.
From their own words:
A Living Pocketbook of Neurology
Applied, Concise, Practical, Up-to-Date, Mobile-Friendly, Peer-Reviewed & Open-Access Pocketbook of Neurology and related clinical specialties
The amazing thing about this pocketbook is that the content on this website is written by more than 60 authors. It’s a multinational and joint effort of so many authors. They are all collaborating and making use of Notion’s permission/access features very effectively.
They even have a discord channel where they interact with each other about this. Each author gets their own page on the website where they can share and maintain their own presence on the internet. I am really impressed with how much they were able to achieve.
They have authored around 50 chapters and they said they will be adding 50 more chapters soon. You should definitely check it out to see the power of Notion (combined with It’s amazing!
That’s all for now. Talk to you all soon 👋
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