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Hey 👋
Bhanu from here. I made a few changes to the dashboard this week. Let’s take a look at those today.

Editing Blog Settings
New Edit Settings Interface
New Edit Settings Interface
We now have a different interface for editing your blog. Previously it used to be a popup. This change is made to give more room to the layout settings and other settings that are potentially going to be added in the future.
Add Custom Code (HTML/CSS/JS)
VSCode-like editor with rich intellisense
VSCode-like editor with rich intellisense
We now have a VSCode like editor right in your dashboard where you will be able to add custom code to your blog. It also has rich Intellisense for HTML, CSS, and JavaScript.
Whatever you write in the HTML section will be added to the <head></head> section of your blog, and whatever JavaScript you add to the JavaScript section will be added to the end of the <body></body>.
This week, Notion has changed one of their internal APIs, which caused an outage for a few hours. But everything is working and back to normal now.
Move these databases outside of Toggle
Move these databases outside of Toggle
P.S. Because of these new API changes, your databases may not be discoverable if they are inside a toggle. So, either remove the toggle or move them outside of the toggle.
If you are getting an error saying, Your "Pages" database is not inside the page you shared, then it’s probably because of this. Just move the pages database outside the toggle, and everything should work fine.
Blogs of the week
Check out these two very interesting blogs this week. You might not even be able to tell that these are Notion-based blogs at the first look.
That’s all for now. Talk to you all soon 👋
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