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Hey friends!
It’s been a while since you have heard from me. So many things have changed since the launch in June. I want to catch you up on these new features.
TL;DR; If you’re an existing customer or you become a customer by Monday, these pricing changes won’t affect you.

Let's dive in 👇
New Landing Page
The first noticeable change is the website itself. The main website is completely revamped to make it clear what is, and how it is different from others.
We now also have a showcase section, public roadmap and changelog. You can even submit an idea or upvote existing ideas.
The login and user dashboard is separated from the main website and is now at
Separate Home Page For Your Blogs
This is the most requested feature and it’s finally live. Now, you can create a separate Notion page and use that page as the home page for your blog. This makes it very easy to create complete websites with
Some people have already been using it. You can look at the product showcase for the blog links.
Customize Your Blog with CSS
Now, you can change the look of your blog completely with Custom CSS. You even have the option to add page-level CSS. You can even add your own scripts to your blog (for adding things like live chat, widgets, analytics, etc). Here is an example of this in action.
Here’s another one.
Other Changes
The other important changes are:
  • Categories: You can now assign different categories to your posts. A new page is automatically created for every category you assign.
  • Quick Search: Now, your blog has quick search functionality. You can quickly search through any blog post, page, link, or category.
  • Related Posts: You can now choose related posts to each blog post. These related posts are then shown at the bottom of each post in the “You might also like” section.
There are many other new features too. You can take a look at the changelog for the complete list of updates.
Pricing Change
Let’s get to the pricing change that I talked about.
I launched in June as a simple Notion-based blogging platform, to quickly publish blog posts from Notion. Since then the product has grown so much based on the feedback from users like you. It is now a complete blogging platform, and it is only going to get better in the coming months.
That’s why the pricing change is happening which will take effect from Monday (27th September 2021).
From Monday onwards, the premium plan starts at $20/month or $120/year.
Of course, all the active subscribers will keep on enjoying their current price forever.
If you were planning to upgrade to a premium plan, I’d advise you to do it before the price raise so that you can enjoy the old pricing forever.
You can upgrade from here 👇
Current Pricing
Current Pricing
If you have any more questions or suggestions for me, you can just reply to this email.
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