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new layouts and dropdown menus 🥳 Newsletter
I am here to introduce you to some exciting new features that I released this week.

Let’s dive in 👇
Dropdown menu in the header
It is now possible to add dropdown menus in the top navigation bar. Simply assign a category to a page, and all pages with the same category will be grouped down to make a dropdown in the header.
See it in action here.
P.S. You can also use the order property to change the order of the links in the top navigation bar and inside the dropdown.
This is the most requested feature and now it’s finally live! Some of you told me that you wanted a few more options for the blog layout. Until now, the blog has only a single grid layout and every blog looks similar (unless you customized it with CSS).
Masonry Layout
This is the first layout that I am introducing – Masonry Layout. I remember seeing this type of layout first on Pinterest a very long time ago. One of the users like you have requested this feature a few days ago, and I finally got to work on this. This layout is now available to all the subscribers. Just go to your edit settings on the dashboard. You will see the option to change to this layout.
Group By Category Layout
I have also added another layout this week. With this layout, you can group your blog posts based on the categories. I am currently using this layout for our official blog. This layout is also now available to all the subscribers. Just go to your edit settings on the dashboard. You will see the option to change to this layout.
P.S. You can also decide how many posts to show under each category using the Page Size property.
That’s it for this week’s updates.
Blogs of the week
I am starting a new thing where I highlight one or two blogs/websites built with every week. This week, I want to showcase these two blogs.
  1. – Vidya is a data analyst with a special interest in Newsletters, Copywriting, and No-Code tools. She also writes a free curated newsletter called The curious Bunch. Check out the website to know more.
  2. – Sev is a Notion enthusiast who creates Notion templates on personal finance and productivity. He created a Notion template store with which is very interesting. Check out the website to know more.
My business metrics are open and always available at I will be adding more metrics there soon.
September was the best month for me. Around 60% MoM growth. In fact, I just crossed $250 MRR and I already have a customer at the new price point. Things are looking good now. Hope it continues the same way this month too. Let’s wait and see.
That’s it for now. Talk to you all soon!
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