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Important Announcement –

Hi everyone 👋I am closing off new sign-ups to starting today. I just got a server bill of around $1.8k for the last month which is definitely not something I can afford. So, now I am in the process of rebuilding everything from scratch, this time I wi…


60+ authors have collaborated to create a digital pocketbook using

Yep, that major feature request that I was talking about earlier is commenting system. Now, it is possible to add comments to the blog posts.These comments will be powered by Cusdis, an open-source, lightweight, privacy-first alternative to Disqus.


new dashboard improvements

We now have a different interface for editing your blog. Previously it used to be a popup. This change is made to give more room to the layout settings and other settings that are potentially going to be added in the future.


new layouts and dropdown menus 🥳

Let's dive in 👇


📣price will double in 12 hours

Annual Plan:$10/month (currently $6/month) 🔼 66% increase1 site (custom domain)10k visits/month (currently no limits)Bring your own analytics (currently Plausible analytics)Pro FeaturesMonthly Plan:$20/month (currently $9/month) 🔼 120% increase1 site (custom …


🔥 new features & pricing update 📢

The first noticeable change is the website itself. The main website is completely revamped to make it clear what is, and how it is different from others.We now also have a showcase section, public roadmap and changelog. You can even submit an idea or …